Overview of ISO Certified Management Systems for Construction & Civil Contractors (ISO 45001, 9001 and 14001)

January 14, 2024


In my past as a site engineer on road projects, I was a cog in the companies HSEQ management system. One process that left a strong memory is the daily toolbox routine. I had to print, manual fill it, present it to the field crews and pass it around for signatures. Then I would have to scan and file it into a folder system– a process that often was left on my desk in a paper format (along with 10x other paper process). This is just one piece that as a site engineer I had to deal with when working with a paper based management system delivering projects.

ISO Certified Management System Overview:

Drawing insights from my experience and conversations with 800+ contractors, I've gained a deep understanding of management systems. This blog provides an overview of ISO certified management systems for contractors. Most contractors obtain triple certifications—ISO 45001, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001—which ensure a consistent and compliant management system.

Challenges with Current ISO Process:

However, a major challenge looms – the administrative burden for supervisors and engineers on projects has approximately tripled in the last 5 years. The oversimplified version involves:

  1. Engaging an ISO consultant or HSEQ manager to build or improve a the management system
  2. They create a system in word document and excel spreadsheet registers
  3. Field implementation occurs with predominately paper-driven processes
  4. The system is certified by an ISO auditor annually
  5. Then, the contractor is stuck with a time-consuming system that impacts the productivity of the supervisors and engineers, taking them away from deliverying actual work

Contractors' Desire for Improvement:

Contractors are looking for a simpler way to operate their management systems in the field. They seek an integrated solution aligning projects with ISO standards to unlock benefits like winning new jobs, achieving efficiency gains, ensuring consistent quality, and complying with WHS legislation.

How Technology is Improving Management Systems:

Recognising the need for change, contractors are turning to technology. Nomadfleet emerges as a tailored solution, addressing two critical areas:

  1. Typically the first step that contractors undertake is digitising standard forms
  2. Then, as contractors look to drive further efficient, they look at automating workflows with the real-time data

Why Contractors Choose Nomadfleet's software platform to simplify their ISO management system:

Nomadfleet is an operations software for contractors. We saw the problems contractors were having streamlining their management system. We help you do more work by simplifying paperwork and processes in a single software solution.

We cover your key processes across your systems such as:

  1. Fleet Management System
  2. Health and Safety Management System
  3. Environmental Management System
  4. Quality Management System

What we do is provide you with:

  1. A library of premade ISO-compliant forms
  2. Workflow automation saving hours, allowing engineers and supervisors to focus on getting their work done
  3. One place to store all of your forms and submissions, giving you real-time visibility into your project performance

Nomadfleet’s Network of ISO-Partners:

Nomadfleet is supported by a network of trusted partners, including ISO consultants and ISO auditors, offering a comprehensive suite to enhance and certify ISO systems. If you would like to tap into our network, please reach out!


In summary, this blog provides an overview of the challenges contractors have with management systems. It also highlights how Nomadfleet's easy to use platform is ready to streamline processes, simplify compliance, and drive efficiency. Reach out to us to find out more by booking a short 20-minute demo via the top banner.