How the best companies drive machine pre-start usage

Will Smith
February 5, 2024

The Importance of Machine Pre-Starts:
Machine pre-starts aren't just a regulatory requirement; they are crucial for workplace health and safety. Incidents resulting from defective machinery can lead to substantial fines. Huge fines can occur if companies are not careful, an example was a $2M fine in Australia:

Tree removal company fined $2.25m after woodchipper death of worker.

Additionally, the data collected during pre-starts provides valuable insights into machinery faults and asset engine hours.

Educating the Workforce:
Successful implementation starts with educating the workforce about the importance of daily pre-starts. Once the significance is understood, the focus shifts to driving accountability.

Strategies for Driving Pre-Start Accountability:

Internal Champions/WHS Policemen:

  • Assign an internal champion or WHS policeman for each division.
  • Utilise the Nomadfleet digital pre-start system dashboard to monitor and drive daily accountability.
  • Foster an environment for accountability by creating a Whatsapp group for operators to recognise top contributors and bottom.

Simplicity is Key:

  • Ensure the process is extremely user-friendly.
  • With Nomadfleet, eliminate the need for a phone app; operators can simply scan and go.
  • Remove excuses by simplifying the pre-start process.

Linking Pre-Starts to Incentives:

  • Tie weekly pre-start submissions to operators' pay.
  • Introduce incentives, such as a small allowance for completing pre-starts by a specified time.
  • Encourage early arrivals to site, reinforcing high pre-start usage.

Optimising machine pre-starts is not just a compliance measure; it's a strategic approach to enhance safety and fleet management. By educating the workforce, implementing accountability measures, and simplifying the process, companies can create a culture that not only meets regulatory standards but also boosts operational efficiency. Check out Nomadfleet’s integrated pre-start and fleet management system here.