Maintenance checklist

Maintenance checklist for excavators

Excel Contracting

In the high-stakes world of construction and excavation, the vitality of machinery, such as excavators, can't be overstated. Excel Contracting understands the crucial role of excavators and recognizes the importance of their unmitigated operation. Regular servicing facilitated by a comprehensive maintenance checklist ensures that your excavators don't just operate but excel on the job site.

Servicing is not just about maintaining; it's about foreseeing. A well-serviced excavator safeguards operators and ensures smooth, unobstructed operations on-site. Regular service check-ups, using a detailed and organized maintenance checklist, ensure reduced unplanned downtime and enhance the safety and longevity of the machinery.

Excel Contracting's Maintenance Checklist: In our commitment to unparalleled service and operational excellence, Excel has developed a maintenance checklist that stands out:

  1. Detailed and Comprehensive: A maintenance checklist that delves deep into every mechanical, hydraulic, and operational facet of excavators.
  2. User-Friendly: Intuitively designed to ensure clarity and ease of use for technicians.
  3. Data Coherence: Logical, clear sections ensure data consistency and accuracy.

What the Maintenance Checklist Encompasses: This specialized maintenance checklist is crafted to offer:

  • A thorough inspection of the engine, hydraulic systems, and structural components.
  • Evaluation of the excavator's operational mechanisms, including dig depth, reach, and swing.
  • Assessment of wear and tear on essential components like tracks, sprockets, and buckets.
  • A detailed section for recording service actions taken, parts replaced, and technician remarks.
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