Nomadfleet's Mission

To become the operating backbone for the construction industry, empowering individuals to construct more and live fulfilling lives.

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Get to know Our Story

Founded in late 2021 by seasoned civil contractors, Nomad was born out of a first-hand understanding of the substantial fragmentation between contractors and plant hire suppliers. With a vision to become the "Uber for Construction Plant Hire," Nomad set out to bridge this gap.

However, as the Nomad team ventured into technologically connecting plant hire companies with contractors, they encountered a significant hurdle - the prevalent reliance on paper processes within construction operations. This insight fueled Nomad's commitment to not only connect but also streamline the construction industry's operations.
The Nomad team was confronted with an avalanche of paperwork—prestart forms stuffed in machine compartments containing crucial data, manually delivered daily dockets, and hand-written maintenance schedules. It was clear that a significant communication gap existed between site teams, managers, and workshops.

By mid-2022, Nomad had shifted its focus to operations systems, prioritising fleet management. Leveraging deep industry knowledge and top-tier technology expertise, Nomad now designs adaptable digital solutions tailored for the demands of the construction industry.